Full Stack Development in MERN

MERN is the abbreviation of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js, almost the same with the MEAN stack except MEAN stack using Angular and MERN stack using React.

React can integrate with MERN stack as the front end that can access data from Express and MongoDB by consuming RESTful API. In this scenario of MERN Stack React will accessing data from Express and MongoDB by HTTP calls as default React component. We are using the same application for Express and React that run on the same IP and PORT.

If you want to become a professional React web developer, it is critical to master Redux and server-side rendering. Redux allows you to manage the state in React in a convenient and flexible fashion. Without Redux, you will never be able to develop scalable apps.

The following tools and framework are required:

  • Node JS
  • Express JS
  • Mongo DB
  • npm
  • React JS
  • mlab.com
  • Heroku
  • Visual Studio Code

Course Features

Coures Type Class Timings Course Duration
MEAN Stack Development 1 to 3 & 3 to 5 3 Month (Sunday)